Thank you to our friends and family who join us in the excitement of welcoming our first baby into this world! We are delighted and cannot wait to meet our little bundle of joy!

Living abroad is certainly met with its challenges when it comes to lifes big events!

Already some friends and family have generously lent some of the things we will need to get started and we are so appreciative of these pre-loved clothes and gear. However, since so many of you have inquired about what you can do to help welcome our son into this world, beyond just loving him, if you're so inclined, we've created the registry below so that you can be involved in this new chapter and contribute to what we actually need. Rest assured, your gift will certainly be used as intended. 

Hopefully it goes without saying that gifts are not expected, we are just excited to be adding to our family and feel so lucky that you want to celebrate our new addition too!

Love from Holland-

Katie & Gordon

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